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Zespri The Fruit PillBox
Making your daily dose of fruit unforgettable.

Zespri's is the world's largerst kiwi producer. A great product. After all, we know that fruit is good for us. The problem? Well, we very often tend to forget to eat one fruit per day. 

So, instead of trying to educate people about the importance of eating fruit, we decided to nudge them into reminding. 

Meet Zespri's The Fruit PillBox, a fruit packagind design inspired by a 200-year old invention: the pillbox.
The low tech invention comes with seven kiwifruits. One for each day of the week, making sure people never forget their daily dose of kiwi.

Agency: Speakeasy US
Creative Lead: Marcus Kawamura, Marcello Magalhães
Art Director:
Raul Arantes
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