Raphael Valenti
Senior Copywriter 

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  2. The Fruit PillBox
  3. Beck's Frequency
  4. Netflix Love-Line
  5. Beck's Starter Pack
  6. Nubank Business
  7. Narcos Hunt on the News
  8. KFC Wedding
  9. OMEN Gamefulness
  10. Google Search Local
  11. I'm Sorry



Google Search Local
Showing product funcionalities in a fun - and effective - way

In 2019, we've created a campaign for Google that leverage viral videos and memes - alongside some produced by us for the the campaign in the same vein - to show how their Seach Local product worked. 

The "Kids" spot was 4th most effective spot in the world in 2019, according to Kantar in its Creative Effectiveness Awards.

The campaign was also a finalist for Brazil's YouTube Creative Works awards that recgonizes works that bridge the gap between effectiveness and creativity.

Agency: AKQA São Paulo
ECD: Diego Machado
Copywriters: Flávio Tama, Felipe Autran, Raphael Valenti
Art Director: Daniel Kalil, Thiago Barbieri, Thiago Ataíde

Director: Quico Meirelles
Production Company: O2

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